Chickasaw County approves budget, lowers levy rate

New Hampton, Iowa – Chickasaw County residents will see a drop in the county’s levy rates starting at the new fiscal year.  The Supervisors approved the county budget for fiscal year 2020.

It would lower the levy rate nearly a quarter.

Supervisor Steve Geerts opposed the reduction because it leaves less money for the county to work on other projects in the future.


The transfer of $250,000 from an inactive fund, which has nearly $800,000, to the general supplemental fund could cause the end result to be property tax relief.

For example after roll backs on a $100,000 in assessed property, a resident would see a 25 cent drop in the county’s levy rate or save $14.  Average tillable ground would have a 30 cent drop in the levy rate per acre.

Chairman Jacob Hackman listened to suggestions from residents and said some called it a ‘band aid’ fix.


The levy rate for the next fiscal year is 8.745 down from the original proposal of 9.04.

This does not include other levy rates such as schools, cities or townships.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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