Charles City trivia provides learning experiences for everyone with unique twists

Charles City, Iowa – Charles City’s third annual trivia night combines education for students and town residents along with benefiting Riverside Cemetery.

Eighth graders from Charles City Middle School have helped create an event where it tests knowledge of residents across the area while benefiting students.

Student Zach Chambers says he’s gained a unique perspective on the history of Charles City.


Not only are students getting an experience but so are the people who’ve purchased over 30 tables.

Chambers says this year’s theme is based on camping and the menu is still top secret.


His classmate Lilly Luft says an event of this magnitude can’t be pulled off without teamwork.


Tables are still available for Saturday’s event in Charles City’s Comet gym. Contact Amanda Rahmiller for details.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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