County trying to clear roads as fast as they can after blizzard

Charles City, Iowa – Floyd and Chickasaw roads could have at least one clear, passable lane for motorists do drive through by the end of Tuesday according to Dusty Rolando, the county’s engineer.


With the chance of snow in the forecast at the end of the week, Rolando estimates roads could be back to drivable conditions by the end of the week.


He says he can remember 2008 and 2014 snow storms similar to the weekends.  The winds made this year’s blizzard unique.

Rolando adds they were fortunate enough to get through January but the February snow hasn’t taken too much of toll on his employees or equipment.


He says he knows the road closures have taken a toll on county residents but asks for everyone to remain patient.



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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