As budgets tighten, county forced to raise levy rates

Charles City, Iowa –  The Floyd County Board of Supervisors are raising levy rates as they finalize next fiscal year’s budget.

The 30 cent increase in the rural services and 45 cent hike the general supplemental funds will continue help pay for services like libraries, secondary roads, civil services and health insurance.

Supervisor Roy Schwickerath and Auditor Gloria Carr:


The raise keeps the rural service ending fund balance in the green, but it’s nearly $150,000 dollars less than the beginning balance at near $450,000.

In the general supplemental fund, the ending fund balance would be $150,000 more than its beginning balance.  Should that levy rate stay the same, however, the ending fund balance would be in the red at $180,000.

Both rates make up the county-wide levy rate at $6.98 for city limits/corporate and the $10.68 rate for the unincorporated area.  These figures are assessed per $1,000 per taxable valuations.

Fiscal Year 2020 marks the first time since 2013 Floyd County has raised levy rates

Supervisor Linda Tjaden says they’ve done the best they can without cutting funding to services.



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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