City officials agree recent snow fall isn’t putting an impact on budgets, yet

Charles City, Iowa – Two Northeast Iowa city officials both agree the onslaught of weekly snow has not made a significant impact on their town’s budget.

Charles City Administrator Steve Diers and Clarksville Mayor Val Swinton both say the current snow fall rate isn’t putting stress on the bottom line.

Diers says if the snow continues as it has been it will become alarming.


He added the early part of winter came as a blessing with warmer temperatures and little to no moisture.


Swinton says his small town is operating smoothly.  Snow removal and maintenance has left no impact on their budget, but just as Diers said, if it continues, it will become a problem.


Both said warmer temperatures and the arrival spring on March 20th would greatly ease the burden.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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