Ambulance service contract in limbo, looking for funding solutions

Charles City, Iowa – A solution is still needed for a contract stalemate between Charles City and the town’s ambulance service AMR.

Discussions between the two entities are on-going as they try to figure out how to fund a $150,000 shortfall.  Mayor Dean Andrews says Charles City is the only town in Iowa utilizing AMR.


The previous contract had paid the city  $25,000 to use their dispatch to house the service.  Due to tightening budgets, AMR says they need to be paid $125,000 to continue operations.

Andrews says despite the stalemate, AMR has tried to work with the city to find a funding solution.


The city, county, hospital and AMR are currently working together to find a solution.

Andrews says it’s a great system and a solution is needed for the well-being of the community.



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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