Parts of Clarksville appear on FEMA’s new flood plain maps

Clarksville, Iowa – Due to excess rainfall over the last several summers in Clarksville, FEMA has created new flood plain maps for the town.

Mayor Val Swinton says Clarksville has never been in a flood plain and the new plans haven’t been approved yet.


FEMA is holding an open house at the Allison Public Library from 5-7 after city officials will meet from 3-4 in the Butler County Courthouse.

Swinton said he’ not sure if this is something he wants his town to have.


With catastrophic flooding in 2008 and 2016, FEMA allowed Clarksville to sell flood ravaged homes.  The town has taken extra precautions since those events to help protect against mother nature.

Swinton doesn’t think adding parts of Clarksville to the flood plain is too little too late.



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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