Long-time store owner passes love of serving people on to son

New Hampton, Iowa – It’s more than pens, papers and printers.

To the ordinary eye, Office World in New Hampton may seem just like a paper supply company.  But for retired and former owner, Lynn Schwickerath its more than just dotting some i’s and crossing some t’s.

He’s got a passion for serving other people so they can accomplish their needs.


Lynn’s passion hasn’t died, but he won’t be owning Office World anymore.  After 32 years, Lynn has sold his business to his son Brad.


Lynn says the cost of doing business is increasing and decided Brad would be the perfect fit as a new owner.

Brad isn’t new to management.  He’s owned Rapid Printers for 22 years, which is conveniently located next door. Brad will manage both companies maintaining their distinct style of service, uniqueness and personality.

He knows he doesn’t need to change anything because he grew up his his father’s business that’s succeeded for three decades.


It might be a simple business but it fills a necessary need for everyone because if you need it, they’ve got it, they’ve had it or they’ll get it.



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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