City Discussions Point To New Home For City Hall

Charles City, Iowa – Recent talks on the Charles City Council and other city administrators have flushed out a new idea of a new home for city hall.  

City Administrator Steve Diers says the issue is simple, they’re out of space.


The council explored joining with the county on the law enforcement center project or the school district on the 500 North Grand building, but both ideas went in other directions.

Diers says the council wants to keep its downtown footprint.


A leading concern for the city is where to house the 11 million dollar fiber-to-home project.  THe building would need space for equipment and staff to run it and that’s before you add the current staff and equipment from city hall.  


The city will continue their discussion but there’s no timetable for city hall’s new home.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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