Snow Reminders: Ordinance Allows For On-Street Parking, Clean Sidewalks

Charles City, Iowa – Two snow storms have already dumped close to six inches in the Charles City area.  Both accumulations prompted snow removal and the city’s implementation of its snow plows.


City Administrator Steve Diers.  

The city doesn’t have an ordinance requiring alternate side parking, unless it’s an emergency snow route.

Diers says implementing alternate side parking is a challenge because not every home has an alley or driveway.


Snow plows usually begin clearing roads after midnight.  It’s illegal to to shovel ice or snow into the roadway even if a snow plow covers your driveway with snow.


Sidewalks must be clear within 24 hours after the storm’s completion.  

Diers says if the sidewalk isn’t clear, the city will clear it and then assess the labor costs to the property owner.



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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