Recount Underway In Northeast Iowa For Contested Iowa House Seat

Decorah, Iowa – The Democrat from Decorah who challenged a Republican State Representative from Dorchester has asked for a recount in their race for an Iowa House seat in northeast Iowa.

After the canvass in Winneshiek, Fayette and Clayton counties this week, incumbent Republican Mike Bergan holds a seven-vote advantage over Democratic challenger Kayla Koether.

Koether and Bergan will each appoint a representative to recount ballots. Those two representatives will select a third person to the recount board. Recounts will be done separately in all three counties. 32 mailed in ballots in Winneshiek County were received after election day were not included in the canvass due to lack of a postmark. 12 ballots in Fayette County were received in the mail after election day without a postmark were mistakenly counted.

State officials say once a ballot is counted, state law prohibits it from being uncounted. 222 people in the district choose neither candidate on their ballots in the House District 55 race.


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