Charles City School District Teaming Up With CCPD To Keep Drugs Off Campus

Charles City, Iowa – The Charles City School District announced a new partnership with the Charles City Police Department.

The police department’s new K-9 narcotics dog will help assist keeping illegal and prescription drug abuse away from the district’s campus.

Bryan Jurrens is the Charles City High School principal.


The partnership will help Officer Dario Gamino and Jordy train in the evenings on campus and begin patrolling the campus to help develop the canine’s stamina and search for any drugs.  

Jurrens says he doesn’t think his school has a problem.


Outside of evening trainings, there will be random campus visits.  Jordy will sniff the lockers, gym areas, restrooms, vehicles, classrooms and other school grounds.  

Jurrens says he doesn’t think this partnership isn’t sending a message but rather,




Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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