Chickasaw County Approves Exploratory Phase For Multi-Million Dollar Communications Project

New Hampton, Iowa –  Earlier this week the Chickasaw County Board Of Supervisors held a public hearing to hear from residents about the proposed multi-million dollar communications tower and program for the county.

The board partnered with Emergency Management Agency Commission to help provide a communications system. Shain Kroenecke sits on the the commission:


Kroenecke says the community support and the personal testimonies from local first-responders help convince the board to pass an exploratory phase of the project 5-0.


Kroenecke says the communications project is crucial for the safety of Chickasaw county residents, but says you can’t put a price tag on a life.


The Chickasaw County board of supervisors can still vote no to moving forward with the Communications project, if they’re not satisfied with the project after the exploratory phase.