Supervisors: Law Enforcement Center Project Inches Along With Design Modifications And County Engineer’s Report

Charles City, Iowa – The Floyd County Supervisors met yesterday morning at a regular meeting.  The Supervisors are making changes to the floor plan designs from Prohaska and Associates.  They approved a motion straightening out a wall for the exercise room for the inmates instead of having it jut out.  Linda Tjaden is the chair of the board of supervisors:


According to the supervisors small issues like this is why they are starting to look into hiring a construction manager.  Supervisor Doug Kamm says one of the frustrating parts of being a supervisor is time.


The Board also approved two purchases for pickups for the county engineer office.  County Engineer Dusty Rolando presented his annual report and he said all things considered, it’s where he wants to be.


With the money, Rolando has future projects planned.




Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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