WATCH: New Hampton Holds Largest Chicken Dance

New Hampton, Iowa – A simple idea turned into a area-wide sensation.

On Friday 95.1 The Bull hosted New Hampton’s largest ever chicken dance.  Ages young and old participated and for 10-year-old Braden Manson:


Morning show host Bob Svec hosts the 8-12 morning show and plays the chicken dance every morning at 10 to break up his show.  What Svec didn’t know at the time was how popular it would become.


Nearly 800 people came on and dance the chicken dance in the parking lot of Hugeback Johnson Funeral Home at 10 on Friday morning.  The dancers liked it so much they wanted an encore and they got one. Larry Crubaugh drove 90 minutes for it.


A simple idea turned into an are-wide sensation.






Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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