Furry Felines To Meet Any And All Visitors At Open House

Nashua, Iowa – It all started with a dying woman’s request: look after my cat.

That request sparked over two-decades of cat-caring passion and love.

Cat lovers will have the opportunity to greet hundreds of eager felines at a special needs sanctuary in Nashua.  The 14th annual C and W’s Rustic Hollow Shelter Open House runs from 10 AM to 4 PM tomorrow.  Director for the shelter Carmen Conklin says there’s benefits for visitors and the felines.


The shelter features six buildings housing up to nearly 300 cats.  The buildings are furnished like normal homes to provide comfort. Cats live cage free and have TVs to watch.


Conklin says there will be food and drink and if you have questions, you can call them at 641-435-2036.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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