City Council Notes: McQuillen Sidewalks Approval and Storm Sewer Fix on Hulin Street

Charles City, Iowa – The Charles City Council met during a regular meeting last night and here are the takeaways.

The council approved the final plans and contractor for the sidewalks to McQuillen Place.  The near 50 thousand dollar bid went to Nolts Custom Concrete of Orchard.

According to City Engineer John Fallis, he says the sidewalks should resemble the old ones.


Work could begin as soon as september and be finished and underbudged by nearly eight thousand dollars by October.  Councilman Jerry Joerger and DeLaine Freesman clarified who’s footing the bill:


The City Council approved two resolutions allowing automatic mutual aid agreement with the Colwell and Floyd Fire Departments.  Before, the fire departments were called if assistance was needed – causing more fire damage, money and resources.

City Administrator Steve Diers says the resolution streamlines the current process.

“We’d like to achieve automatic response. So that they preparing and start coming and they get called if we don’t need them,” Diers says.  “What this will do will allow the departments to set up MOU between each other to determine personal level, response equipment all those types of nuances as we move towards doing those types of practices.”


  •  Popp Excavating was contracted to replace will replace faulty storm sewer pipe on Hulin Street. It comes with a 34 thousand dollar price tag.
  • Kamm Excavating will be contracted out to clean lime residue out of the north lagoon near the water treatment plant.   It’s price tag is 82 thousand dollars.



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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