Fake Currency Cashing In At Banks In Surrounding Areas

Osage, Iowa – The Osage Chamber of Commerce is warning residents of fake currency in Mitchell County. The bills used recently in Mitchell County are very easy to get and are being used all across the United States, according to an agent with the Secret Service.

Some notes have Chinese writing on the left side and back side of the bills. Also, the paper will not feel the same as real currency.

They are also seeing a lot of “screen play” or “movie money” in which they state “for motion picture use only.”

 If this type of money is used at a business, the state of Iowa courts have ruled that law enforcement CANNOT file charges on that person and that is on the BUSINESS to identify that the bill is fake.  

All of the area banks should have markers you may use at your place of business to help detect fake currency. 


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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