WATCH: Charles City Transit Finds Long Term Solution

Charles City, Iowa – The Charles City Transit service has found a long term solution.  After there service had been temporally extended until August 1st, the city didn’t have many solutions.  But there is an agreement between Circle K Communications and Charles City to continue there service on a long term basis starting August 1st.

Charles City Administrator Steve Diers says ridership is up nearly 5,000 riders, which is now averaging 32,000 rides per year.  It’s because of the recent uptick in rides, Diers says this was important to find a long term solution for.  However, the solution could prove costly.  The city is tasked with a $100,000 loss, but Diers says there is a specfic tax levee to help support the transit.  Diers explains how the new system is set up.

Circle K Communications will run the day-to-day operations.  The city will hire and employ the drivers.  The city is also tasked with renting the buses.  Even though there is no official agreement between the city and Circle K Communications, Diers says he’s confident there will be one.



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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