New Iowa Laws Effective as of July 1

Des Moines, Iowa – Several new Iowa laws are now in effect as of yesterday, July 1st.  Some include expanding the ‘move over’ law to include everyone, preventing shaming students involving school meal debt, all foster care children need one medical visit and expanding the eligibility of an infant that can be turned over as part of the Newborn Safe Haven Act.

“This year, we worked together to expand the mental health system in Iowa, protect victims of gas pump and ATM skimming devices, and took a first step on combating Iowa’s growing opioid abuse,” Representative Todd Prichard says.

Other laws include:

  • Expanding support for veterans in need of housing and increasing the support available for a variety of services by increasing the expenditrue amout of the vetererans trust fund
  • Creating the Future Ready Iowa initiative to invest in future workers including, a volunteer mentoring program, a registered apprenticeship development program, employer innovation fund, summer youth intern program
  • Creating a skilled workforce scholarships
  • Making further investments in Iowa’s water quality. 
  • Allowing scholarships and health insurance for the children and spouses of fallen peace officers/ firefighters killed in the line of duty
  • Creating set dynamic pricing at the state parks and recreation areas based on market demand throughout the year

For a full list of bills that became law on July 1, log on to



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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