UPDATED: Lindaman Case Takes Another Turn Before Friday’s Sentencing

2:30 pm Wednesday, June 21

Charles City, Iowa- A Floyd County District judge said he will issue a written ruling regarding a motion for a change of venue and dismissal on a tampering charge.  Floyd County Attorney Rachel Ginbey charged Douglas Lindaman with tampering with a witness saying Lindaman offered to dismiss his claims suit against the family if they acknowledge the validity of an agreement made in 2011.  

Lindaman says the court needed to dismiss the case because the language of the small claims suit was typical of normal settlement language.

The judge also ruled on Lindaman’s request to submit a questionnaire containing 52 “physco-sexual” questions to potential jurors before the jury is selected.  The second motion from Lindaman was to advise the jurors they could ask questions during the trial.  The judge denied both.

The trial for the tampering charge is scheduled for July 19th and the district court judge will issue a written statement if there would be a possible change of venue. Lindaman is still scheduled for his sentencing of, assault with intent to commit sexual abuse from his third trial tomorrow at 9am.  KCHA and 95.1 The Bull will have live coverage.

Published Friday, June 15

Charles City, Iowa – Douglas Lindaman filed a motion in Floyd County District Court seeking a fourth trial or dismissal of charges. Lindaman’s motion raises a number of issues.

He argues the court should require physical examination of the alleged victim’s genitals.  The second issue the motion says the court’s instruction to the jury didn’t make it clear how non-sexual legitimate contact should be treated. Lastly, he raises the issue of the timing when the charges were filed in 2015; 10 days before a school board election, one in which he was a candidate for.

The Floyd County Attorney’s office has no comment.  Lindaman’s sentencing will be Friday, June 22nd at 9 am.


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