Charles City Wind Farm is about to be repowered

Charles City, Iowa – MidAmerican Energy says work is underway to repower all 50 turbines at the Charles City Wind Farm.

That’s MidAmerican’s Geoff Greenwood who says the turbines, southwest of Charles City, were constructed in 2007 and put into operation in 2008.

Greenwood talks about the process to repower.

Besides the cost savings on not having to build a new wind farm, Greenwood says there are many other benefits to repower.

Greenwood says to expect a lot of activity in the coming days and weeks ahead.

With the extended life of the wind turbines, landowners at the repowering sites will continue to receive lease payments for a longer period and counties will receive tax revenue for an extended period.

For more information on the repower project, go to

New blades ready to be installed
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