New Hampton decides stick to garbage bags over bins

Charles City, Iowa – A spirited and somewhat lengthy discussion about garbage was held last night during the New Hampton City Council’s regular meeting.

The debate of “Bins versus Bags” was on the agenda again with approximately 40 people in attendance with several voicing their opinions on the matter.

Alan Powell representing Jendro Sanitation of Charles City, who is currently the city’s garbage hauler, was also in attendance.  Powell explained that there are three different sizes of garbage bins that will be available for customers to choose from if the city decides to “upgrade” their current contract from the bags to bins.

Resident Jeremy McGrath questioned if anyone will be able to opt out of the program if they have other options like a dumpster at work to dispose their residential garbage in.  Powell advised him that everyone would be included if a change is made.

Other residents stated that they felt the bins would be too bulky and heavy for senior citizens to get to the curb on garbage day.

Ashely Schucchardt questioned a survey at city hall in the past that showed more citizens wanted bins instead of bags when the current contract was agreed to the council voted for bags.  Council member Cory McDonald stated he had more people in his ward state they wanted bags over bins and that is how he voted.  City Clerk Suellen Kolbet explained that the survey in questions was a “simple survey” and several names were written on it two or three times and was not a “scientific survey.”

In the end, Council member Scott Perkins stated he thinks the city should drop the issue until the contract is up for negation again in several years, and with no other member making a motion to vote to “upgrade” the contract the matter was dropped.


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