NH School Board tables discussion for extra referendum funds; purchases new school bus

New Hampton, Iowa – The New Hampton School Board met in a special session Tuesday evening to discuss several items.

With over 100 people in attendance, the board listened to community members, adults and students alike about what direction the board should take in regard to an expected possible $500,000 surplus from the over 19-million-dollar new middle school with a competition gymnasium along with a new Vo-Ag center, all of which is being constructed at the High School.

The matter at hand is weather to use the surplus funds to expand the plans for the vo-ag center or construct a wrestling room at the high school/middle school. Currently the high school wrestling room is located t the Chickasaw Wellness Center.

Several students, teachers and community members voiced their opinions to the school board, including Jim Russ, Ag teacher at New Hampton who urged the board to consider expanding the plans already in place to enlarge the new vo-ag center.  Mr. Russ stated the board needs to look at what will bring more jobs and revenue into the community which he felt is a solid educated person.  Andy Hugeback, a wrestling coach for the Chickasaws addressed the board and stated it was his understanding when the bond issues originally came to a public vote, if there was a surplus of money it would be directed to a wrestling room.

Several other people also spoke during the meeting bringing up ideas like including the school’s security systems and using the surplus to commission the new buildings mechanical services like heating and air conditioning system.

Board member Tim Denner made a motion to hold off on deciding until a firm dollar amount is known for the total surplus, with Nate Schwickerath seconding the motion.  The motion passed on a 5-0 vote.

The board also approved the purchase of a new 77 passenger school bus from School Bus Sales Inc. in Waterloo Iowa in the amount of $91, 646 with $20,000 from a grant awarded to the district to be used in the purchase bringing the cost to the district down to $71,646.  The new vehicle will be propane powered 2018 Bluebird bus.


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