Charles City man faces charges after allegedly attempting to run someone over

Waterloo, Iowa – A Charles City man is behind bars after he’s accused of trying to hit people with a vehicle.

According to Waterloo Police, officers were contacted at around 2:00am on Sunday about a fight at 427 West Donald Street. Dispatch was told there was a man in a truck trying to run people over.

Upon arrival, officers were told the driver of a white SUV was asked to move his vehicle because it was blocking several other vehicles in a parking lot.

According to witnesses, the driver of that vehicle, 27-year-old Grace Mutungi Nzundu drove off, then returned, sideswiped a vehicle, nearly hitting a subject in the process. Nzundu then hit another parked vehicle and then driving away through a yard.

Police stopped the vehicle and arrested Nzundu. Pills were also found in a backpack in the vehicle.

Nzundu was charged with displaying a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of a prescription drug and driving while barred.


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