Sheriff’s Office Requests New Equipment

Floyd County, IA – Some Floyd County Sheriff’s Deputies met with the Floyd County Board of Supervisors on Monday to discuss new equipment.

The Sheriff’s Office is requesting that they get new cameras and computers for the vehicles. The price for this new equipment would range in price from $112,000 to $143,000.

Deputies would wear a camera on themselves and also have a camera attached to their patrol vehicle. 95% of other law enforcements have in-car video cameras.

The Sheriff’s Office is also requesting that they get new laptops for their vehicles. Deputies say that this would make things more efficient for them. They would spend less time at a desk and more time patrolling.

In total, the Sheriff’s Office requested the purchase of 13 body cameras, 13 in-car cameras and computer mounting hardware for 10 vehicles.

No action was taken at this meeting since it was only a planning meeting.


Radio Iowa

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