One Wave with so Much Meaning

Iowa City, IA – A new tradition got started this year at Iowa Hawkeye football games, and it is all thanks to a Facebook page called Hawkeye Heaven.

Hawkeye Heaven was a page originally created by Levi Thompson, who is a veteran. The page was created for soldiers overseas to stay up-to-date with the Iowa Hawkeyes. The page has since grown to have over 112,000 people who like the page on Facebook.

Over the summer, Krista Young, a daycare provider messaged Thompson with the idea of waving to the children at the end of the first quarter that are in the University of Iowa Stead Children’s Hospital. Thompson would spread this to the followers of Hawkeye Heaven, and the idea took off.

Derek Pech, co-owner of Hawkeye Heaven, says more about how the wave came about.

The Wave took the nation by storm and soon stadiums all over the United States were waving in the direction of Iowa City. Major networks like ABC, NBC and ESPN were covering this new tradition. In December, The Wave was announced as the winner of the Disney Spirit Award.

The Disney Spirit Award is presented annually to college football’s most inspirational individual or team. Hawkeye Heaven says that they are proud to have been a part of this.

The Wave was just an idea about eight months ago. It is now a tradition at the University of Iowa and it is here to stay.


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