IBN will be Expanding

Charles City, IA – Iowa BIG North has been around for a few years. This program brings students together to work on issues local businesses have. This fall they received a grant to expand. The program will be growing in the future.

Iowa BIG North was one of 19 schools selected to receive this funding. Mike Kuennen, facilitator with IBN, talks about the opportunities with this grant.

Theo Arndt, senior at Charles City, has been in the program for a while now and he thinks Iowa BIG North is a big opportunity for students.

Students may be a little reluctant to join IBN. Madi Pellymonter, first year IBN member, says why they shouldn’t hesitate.

Dr. Dan Cox, the district’s superintendent, was instrumental in putting together a proposal for this grant. Donna Forsyth, facilitator with IBN, says how special Iowa BIG North is.

IBN currently has Charles City, New Hampton, Osage and Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock students in the group. There will be other districts involved with this program soon.


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