UPDATE – Symonds Sentencing Up in the Air

Mason City, IA – A Mason City sexual abuse case has taken a turn after a social media post.

31-year-old Tawny Symonds operated an in-home daycare in Mason City. She recently had several charges filed against her: two counts of sexual abuse and felony for assault. These charges were dismissed after she entered an Alford Plea for child endangerment.

An Alford Plea does not admit guilty, but the person being charged recognizes that the state has evidence to prove it.

A social media post put up by the Mason City Police Scanner Facebook page has stirred people up. Talks of protests on the day of the sentencing have brought people involved with the case to request that the sentencing not be opened to the public. No decision on this has been made, yet, but there are people planning protests at the courthouse and in the courtroom on that day.

Symonds sentencing is set for Jan. 29. She is facing up to five years in prison which is the max sentence for her charge.


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