UPDATE – Stolen Items from Graves

The Charles City Police Department has mad an arrest in the case of stolen items from graves in Charles City.

43-year-old Terry Brandt is facing two counts of fifth-degree theft and one count of possession of stolen property from a cemetery.

The shepherd’s cane that was stolen from Deke Rodamaker’s grave in the Riverton Cemetery near Nashua is still missing.


Northeast Iowa – Local cemeteries have seen items be taken from grave sites recently. The first occurrence came in the Riverton Cemetery, just north of Nashua.

Deke Rodamaker passed away in July of this year, but before he died, he constructed a shepherd’s hook. This was standing next to his grave. His daughter paid a visit to her father’s grave on Dec. 2nd and noticed that the hook was missing.

His family says that the shepherd’s hook is irreplaceable since he had made it himself. The family is offering a cash reward.

The second occurrence happened in a Charles City cemetery. A man has been removing items from grave sites in the cemetery. The Charles City Police Department is asking for the public’s help. Anyone with information can call 641-228-3366.


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