Three Thieves Charged in Floyd County Thefts

Floyd County, IA – A string of burglaries happened from July 30 to Aug. 17 of this year. Those responsible were arrested last week.

22-year-old Alea Marie Slessor, 20-year-old Dylan Meister and 38-year-old Jeremie Clay are the people being accused of this crime.

Property in the 1300 block of March Avenue in Charles City was stolen, and now all of those arrested are facing 2nd degree theft charges and three counts of burglary. The trio entered the buildings on the property and proceeded to steal the items.

Clay was arrested on Thursday and Slessor and Meister were arrested on Friday in Nashua. They were charged after a search warrant was executed at the home of Slessor and Meister’s house in Tripoli.


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