Osage Man Says Goodbye to His Fellow Marine

The phrase is, “dog is a man’s best friend,” and that could not have been truer for an Osage man.

Jon North is a former Marine and for a little while he was partnered with a dog named Cena while in Afghanistain. North was deployed there in October of 2010 and Cena was by his side as they would clear routes for explosives.

The two were together for about a year before their deployment was over. After that they were separated, and North hadn’t seen his partner in over seven years.

Then, last week North got a call that Cena had bone cancer and that he was going to die. North got to be with him a little bit before his partner passed.

Cena was euthanized on July 26th and hundreds of people gathered to say goodbye. A full service was put on for Cena. North says that he saw Cena as his kid when he was deployed.

Cena had three handlers during his military career and served three tours.


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