UPDATE: Butler County Sheriff’s Office say there was no attempted abduction

Update: This morning, the Butler County Sheriff’s Office has said what they thought was a possible abduction attempt of a child on Thursday in Greene was a false alarm and that there was no attempted abduction after all. They say 3 men in the gas station parking lot attempted to scare an 8 and 10 year old by yelling at them but that they did not attempt to abduct them. Charges are still pending in the case.

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Allison, Iowa – The Butler County Sheriff’s Office says they are investigation an attempted abduction but isn’t releasing any other information at this time.

According to several Facebook posts, the attempted abduction occurred on Thursday evening near the Bridgeway gas station in Greene. Postings say the suspect is an older man with a beard who has a raspy voice and is possibly cross eyed. The subject is also driving a light colored mini-van.

If you have any information related to the attempted abduction, call the Butler County Sheriff’s Office at (319) 267-2410.

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