Iowans are warned about boost in motorcycle traffic before Sturgis Fest

Des Moines, Iowa – While there’s several thousand bicyclists pedaling across northern Iowa this week, Iowans can expect to see a big influx in motorcycle traffic in the next few weeks as the big Sturgis Festival is coming up. Twenty-five motorcyclists have died on Iowa’s roads so far this year and Rose White, spokeswoman for Triple-A, is offering a reminder.

Strengthening the state’s texting-while-driving law may help to prevent crashes, as well. Iowa’s new primary texting law became effective July 1st. White reminds motorists to never tailgate a motorcyclist. Give them extra space as they may need to make sudden lane changes to avoid potholes or road debris. She says motorcyclists need to be cautious and courteous, too.

Even more two-wheelers will be on the road soon.

The 25 motorcycle deaths on Iowa roads this year is tracking much lower than last year at this time, as 60 motorcyclists were killed in Iowa during all of 2016.


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