Cat adoption fees lowered at PAWS; weekend cleaner wanted

Charles City, Iowa – Cats have been coming into Paws this summer with not many of them being adopted. Julie Taylor, who is with the organization, says that the adoption fees on these animals have been lowered.

Usually buying a pet is a lot more expensive because the animal has to go to the vet and get checked out, but with Paws, that is built into the cost.

Since Paws doesn’t make much money, they get help from the city for taking in stray animals, but they also rely on donations.

Money also helps pay for vet care for these animals.

Taylor adds that if you are missing a pet, call Paws and describe what it looks like to confirm it is yours. They are open on Saturday from 11-2 and Sunday 1-4.

She says that these pets need to be at a home.

Paws also has a job opening for a weekend morning cleaner. Taylor says that you have to be comfortable with both cats and dogs and be above the age of 16.

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