Wet, cold weather has farmers worried about planting

Des Moines, Iowa – We’re more than a month into spring, yet periods of rain and cold conditions remain in the forecast for early this week. It’s annoying for many Iowans who want to start enjoying the outdoors but it’s a huge financial threat for many farmers who can’t plant their crops. Dennis Todey, director of the U-S-D-A’s Midwest Climate Hub in Ames, says things will begin to dry out and warm up this week.

Iowa Agriculture Secretary, Bill Northey, says things vary a great deal across the state.

Northey says farmers are poised to get the planters moving as soon as they get dry weather.

Northey says there’s still some time before things get too serious.

Northey,¬†who farms near Spirit Lake, knows what those farmers are going through as he says he hasn’t been able to get into the fields and get any of his corn in yet.

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