Charles City School Board Receives Better Boardsmanship Award

The Charles City Community School District board team and Superintendent Cox were presented with a plaque for the District Award of Achievement for having a policy in support of board development and a majority of members receiving individual IASB Better Boardsmanship certificates at the annual school board convention Nov. 17. From left are Scott Dight, President; Jason Walker, Vice-President; Amy Jurrens, IASB President; Dr. Dan Cox, Superintendent of Schools; Robin Macomber; and Lorraine Winterink.

Charles City, Iowa – The Charles City School Board was recently presented a Better Boardsmanship Award presented by the Iowa Association of School Boards.

Board members include President Scott Dight, Vice-President Jason Walker, Lorraine Winterink, Jim Frisbee and Robin Macomber.

That’s Jason Walker who spoke about the importance of attending the conventions each year.

Dight talked about some of the break-out sessions.

Walker said a large part of what his focus is during the convention is learning about being fiscal responsible as a school board member.

Dight said one his main focuses of the convention was sitting in on sessions regarding educational equity.

For the second year in a row, the Charles City School Board was asked to present a session entitled “Toxic to Teamwork – The Board’s Role in a Positive School Culture.” The session reflected on how the current school board started out with differing opinions but ended together as a united team with some of the major decisions they have had to make in the last several years.

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