Some flood damaged corn may be fed to livestock after testing

Field of corn flooded by heavy rains and suffering crop damage on a farm

Mason City, Iowa – RadioIowa – Iowa farmers who had flooding in their corn fields MAY have the option of feeding some of that grain to livestock, but the corn must be tested first. Dr. Charles Hurburgh is an agricultural engineer with Iowa State University Extension Service.

Hurburgh says farmers who call in a vet to do the testing and decide to feed flood-damaged corn to livestock will have to consult with their crop insurance agent, too. There aren’t that many options with soybeans that have been swamped by flood waters.

Iowa farmers who have to knock down flood-ravaged corn in their fields may have to plant corn again there next year, rather than rotate to soybeans.

Hurburgh says once things dry out, farmers should harvest their “good” grain first and get it into storage. Then, harvest the flood-damaged grain and keep it segregated for disposal.

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