Here’s the latest State News from Radio Iowa:

During a legislative hearing late this morning, two Democratic lawmakers questioned Iowa State University president Steve Leath about campus hiring decisions, his use of a university-owned plane and where his guns have been. Leath said it was “well known” when he took the job that he was an avid hunter. Leath indicated he got a waiver […]
The Iowa Court of Appeals has turned down a challenge of a speed camera ticket issued in Cedar Rapids. Marla Leaf was issued a ticket after a speed camera on Interstate 380 in Cedar Rapids captured her Ford Mustang traveling 68-miles-an-hour in a 55-miles-an-hour zone in February of 2015. Leaf appealed on a variety of […]
Twenty people began “occupying” the governor’s office early this afternoon, a protest over the Dakota Access pipeline which passes through Iowa. At 5 p.m., four were arrested for trespassing when the office closed for the day. Frank Cordaro, a spokesman for the group, says continued reliance on oil will cause “more dirty wars.” “It’s oil-based this. It’s oil-based that,” […]
Iowa’s flirtation with spring-like weather will be coming to an abrupt end soon. National Weather Service meteorologist Kurt Kotenberg says it will include a roughly 40-degree swing in temperatures. “Temperatures are going be back down into the 30s. I think on Saturday a lot of Iowa is going to lucky to even hit 30 degrees,” […]
Advocates for a bill that would set up state-sanctioned operations to grow marijuana, make cannabis oil and dispense it in Iowa are at the capitol today, urging legislators to act. “While on vacation this last summer in Denver, my husband persuaded me to try medical cannabis…I can tell you that the first night I took […]