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Yates' lawyer had asked DOJ whether Yates could talk with the House Intel Committee about the links between Russian officials and the Trump campaign
"The mood within our conference is very tense," close congressional ally of President Trump says
Automaker will invest $1.2 billion in three sites , offsetting loss of small car production moving to Mexico
2012 GOP presidential nominee also commented on Devin Nunes' decision to view highly classified information on White House grounds
The speaker reportedly tells donors that they would work on health care on "two tracks"
If all Republicans vote in favor of his nomination, they would only need eight Democrats to advance it and confirm him
Anti-corruption demonstrators march against Putin's government in largest show of defiance country has seen in years
What surprised "60 Minutes" producers who reported on "stories that are provably false" -- and why arguing about it "is like going down the rabbit hole"
In an interview for "Sunday Morning," the veteran newsman accuses the Fox News host of contributing to an increasingly polarized nation
A long-overdue retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art puts the spotlight on an unfamiliar postwar artist
Enjoy the gorgeous explosions of blooming flowers across the country as spring 2017 arrives.
Transgender and gender non-conforming youth are finding a community of friends on social media
CBSN Originals reports on the transgender youth so often overlooked in the national conversation
The ever-youthful Amazon princess - one of the most iconic and inspiring comic book superheroes ever - wields her super powers in “man’s world” to fight for justice and gender equality
Dr. Jim O'Connell takes a team of doctors to the streets to bring medicine to the homeless; along the way, he began taking portraits of his patients, one at a time