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Teacher Helping Student in Computer Lab

When should you start planning for College

When should you start planning for College

New  Hampton, IA – With Thanksgiving closing in, Christmas not far behind, and the kids all settled into their class schedules you might think they can relax until spring sports kick in. Michelle Kipp is the HS guidance counselor at New Hampton and says if you have students in High school, you might want to

Happy female teacher assisting schoolchildren in using computer

American Education Week 

Charles City, IA – In the fast paced world we live in things are not always as simple as we would like them to be. That is nowhere more true than in education today. Some would say let’s just get back to “basics” like, reading, writing and arithmetic. While those are important, Charles City School

Baby Safery Monitor

Baby camera security tip

Des Moines, IA – Security experts have a message for anyone with webcams, baby monitors and home security cameras: change your password now. A website based in Russia is posting live footage of homes and businesses after having used the default login credentials for thousands of cameras. Footage is being collected from security cameras —

New Hampton

New Hampton Extension Update

New Hampton, IA – ISU in New Hampton has a new publication to help everyone stay on track with their health and nutrition and budgets for the upcoming holiday season. I’ve attached a copy for you, but everyone can access it at our website. There’s recipes, gift giving ideas, some tips on how to keep

Diabetes Control

Nov is Diabetes Prev Month

Charles City, IA – November is Diabetes awareness month.  Recent statistics show that about 29 million Americans live with Diabetes or about 9.3% of the population.  Sue Zubrod is with the Floyd Co Medical Center and says the problem is much more serious than most people realize with about 8 million Americans having diabetes yet