‘Farm Town Strong’ campaign targets opioid addiction in rural America

Des Moines, Iowa – A recent study finds opioid addiction is hitting farm families much harder than the rest of rural America and a new outreach campaign is targeting those populations in Iowa and elsewhere. Will Rodger, director of policy communication for the American Farm Bureau Federation, says the research found 74-percent of farmers and ranchers may have a problem themselves or they know someone who’s already hooked.

The survey by the Farm Bureau and the National Farmers Union found that rural adults do recognize opioid abuse can start accidentally with the use of what are deemed as “safe” painkillers.

The campaign called “Farm Town Strong” provides resources for those in rural America who need help battling opioid addiction.

The leaders of the Farm Bureau and the Farmers Union are holding discussions on overcoming the opioid crisis at the bureau’s annual convention, underway through Wednesday in Nashville, Tennessee.

Find more info by heading to their website, FarmTownStrong.org.

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