NHHS Moves Ahead in Discipline, College Credits and Technology

New Hampton, IA – With national news often focusing on the increasing problem of discipline issues in many school systems, it’s refreshing to hear about schools like New Hampton. Sarah Updegraff is the principal at New Hampton High school and is very pleased with the PBIS Discipline system, and says it the results speak for themselves:

Updegraff, who is in her 5th year as principal, says with the support of the staff and use of the PBIS system she has been able to shift her primary focus from disciplining students to instructing them, which will better prepare them for adulthood:

This year the school provided Chrome books for all high schoolers and the kids and teachers are taking full advantage of them.  Technology has had a tremendous impact on teaching methods and Updegraff believes it’s important to keep up with the times:

Another great feature for NH seniors is the ability to earn college credits at the same time they are completing their high school education, which can give students a tremendous head start on college:

The College credit class options can result in huge savings to parents, since the program is paid for by the school.



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