Fire Call to Aromas during mid morning Coffee Break

Charles City, IA – There was some unexpected excitement during the mid morning coffee break today in Charles City. Aromas on Main St was doing a brisk business when smoke started pouring from the large Coffee Bean Roaster.   Marla Wilton was in the store at the time and tells what she saw:

Wilton said everyone left in an orderly fashion, though she a bit quicker than some and forgot her purse, but luckily friend behind her retrieved it for her.  Charles City Fire Dept dispatched 2 trucks to the scene at 10:24 am. The chimney was dismantled by firefighters and removed from the building.  There was some fire extension directly above the chimney, but firefighters were able to contain the extension in the wall within 3 feet of the chimney.  There was very light smoke damage to the interior of the building, and businesses beside Aroma’s were spared any damage.  There was minimal fire damage, and no water damage to the structure. Fire fighters remained on scene until about noon.

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  • Oh boy, what would we do without Aromas..