VA Office poised to move past conflicts with New Director

CHARLES CITY, IA – With strong men, and women, come strong and sometimes differing opinions on how to get things done. Nowhere is that more evident than with Veterans Affairs. Dennis Sanvig is the current chairman of Floyd County Veteran Affairs commission and he touches on some of the history of the problems that have plagued the office in the past:


Most of the Veterans as well as the Board of Supervisors agree there are definitely some conflicts, but also good quality people in the organization. Supervisor Mark Kuhn has been serving as the VA board liason and admits that he and Sanvig as well as others involved, have had their share of disagreements but feels it is time to put those aside.  Kuhn did make a statement regarding the resignation of Marlene Stirling from the commission:


In that spirit of putting an end to the conflicts that are currently underway in the VA office, Kuhn also tendered his resignation as the Board of Supervisor liaison to the VA commission and requested that the board of supervisors send a letter to Chairman Sanvig asking him also to step aside as chairman for the same reasons. Dennis Sanvig says he just wants to see things done the right way, and had this to say:


Veterans Steve Merrill and Dennis Hull also make comments for and against Sanvig remaining in place as the VA commission chairman. Regarding the Supervisors removing Sanvig, Supervisor Chairman, Roy Schwickerath stated, that according to a letter from Assistant Floyd Co Attorney, Todd Pritchard and quoting the Iowa Code “board members may only be removed for either neglect of duty or maladministration”. The Board of Supervisors agreed that was not the case in this matter.  Motions were approved 2-1, to suggest to Sanvig that he reconsider how he is conducting some aspects of Commission meetings and that he consider stepping down as chairman as well. Doug Kamm stated that he felt the Supervisor would be overstepping their authority with those motions  and voted NAY to both.

One thing everyone does seem to agree on is that Maria Dieke, who was recommended by the  VA commission and appointed today as the new Veteran Affairs Director, is a very good choice and hopefully the VA Commission can move forward and past the current disagreements and be able to more effectively handle Veteran concerns.


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