Entrepreneur pitches Energy Wheel to CC Council

CHARLES CITY, IA – The Charles City Council was approached by Dale McNair about the idea of placing an “energy wheel” to harness the power of the river into usable energy. McNair is with A-1, an Iowa geothermal company that has been doing the geothermal work on the Parkside Development Net Zero Housing Project. Steve Diers says that its an innovative idea that the council expressed interest in hearing more about:

According to McNair the Energy Wheel Concept would be a first in Iowa and hHis purpose in coming to the council was to make sure they would be interested in the idea before he proceeded further. McNair said the energy harnessed could to be used by the City to power any number of things like street lights or specific buildings. He plans to come back to the city after he has put together a detailed proposal and gotten the cooperation of the Army Corps of engineers and the DNR as well as other agencies that are necessary before the project can become anything more than just a good idea.

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