Severe Weather Awareness Week Continues

Severe Weather Awareness Week Continues

With Severe Weather Awareness Week upon us it’s the perfect time to figure out how to access weather related information where and when you need it. Of course radio is your number one resource for severe weather information, but if you find yourself somewhere where a radio is not practical or convenient, say at a sporting event or a large venue of some sort, it’s good to know there are other options. Kevin Schuster is a spokesperson for US Cellular and says that families today are very tuned into technology:

Schuster talk about some of the apps and options that are available:

Schuster had some additional tips to keep in mind for general emergencies of any nature and encourages use of the ICE system, which stand for In Case of Emergency:

And lastly, always keep your phone charged and carry a charger with you in your car at all times so your phone will be working when you need it.





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