Community Must Come Together on School Facility Plan


CHARLES CITY- Teamwork and collaboration were topics of discussion among school board members as well as community members at Monday’s Board of Education meeting in Charles City.

Community and board members spoke of the importance of teamwork and working towards a “win” for the school district’s facility plan.  At the town hall meetings, community member Benjamin Rottinghaus proposed a hybrid plan for board consideration in an effort to compromise on both the blue and purple plan.

Board member Scott Dight says it is important the community is united in whatever plan is chosen.

Charles City Superintendent Dr. Dan Cox says the purpose of holding 16 town hall meetings with 750 community members is to keep the community involved in the process.

The board approved a motion by Joey Patten to remove the yellow plan and continue with consideration for the purple, blue, and proposed hybrid plans. The board also approved holding two more town hall meetings on March 1st from 9 to 10:30am in the high school commons and on Monday, March 3rd from 6 to 7pm in the middle school cafeteria.